facials charlotte nc

Improve your skin's texture while helping correct the appearance of acne, erase sun damage and signs of aging from your complexion.

non surgical treatments charlotte nc

Enhance your body inside and out. Optimize skin's health by encouraging detoxification through non-surgical therapies.

cryoskin treatment charlotte nc

Unlike dieting, Cryoskin technology freezes fat cells and causes them to die off immediately. We can freeze away your fat deposits and leave you looking slimmer and healthier!

extra cellular vesicles charlotte nc

Rejuvenate your skin at the largest med spa in Charlotte, NC. Stimulate hair growth, heal wounded skin and watch scars disappear!

hair rejuvenation therapy charlotte nc

Use of microneedling to promote cellular regeneration, boost collagen production, and encourage growth of healthier hair follicles and skin.

female hormone rejuvenation charlotte nc

Offering women a breakthrough treatment that uses your own body's own natural healing ability to increase overall sexual wellness.

male hormone rejuvenation charlotte nc

We offer a fit for everyone! At Circadian Rejuvenation, we offer both injectables and topical applications for testosterone therapy.

lifestyle coaching charlotte nc

Having trouble sticking to your healthy lifestyle? Your wellness journey starts here! We offer custom coaching and meal prep services.

Providing professional wellness services

There's no need to search far and wide for high-quality med spa services. Whether you want to slim down or restore your youthful glow, Circadian Rejuvenation can help.

Our services include, but aren't limited to:

Injectables: Botox® and Dysport® are designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and Kybella is used to shrink the double chin.

Facial treatments: Microneedling and dermaplaning can correct an uneven skin tone, and HydraFacial treatments can promote long-term skin health

Fillers: To provide fullness and fill in areas with sagging skin due to aging or possible skin loss.

Skin cell rejuvenation: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and extracellular vesicles services utilize on the body's natural healing processes to improve skin texture.

We also carry protein and energy supplements, which we can recommend based on your fitness goals. Visit our online store now to shop for natural supplements.

Reach your wellness goals with our help

Our healthy lifestyle coaching program is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being. With weekly check-ins and a structured nutrition plan, you can work smarter - not harder - to achieve your health goals.

Call ‪(980) 220-3361‬ now to learn more about our healthy lifestyle coaching program in Charlotte, NC.

Meet Our Licensed Professionals!

Dr. A.J. Plese

Dr. A.J. Plese

He received his Bachelor's degree in kinesiology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he found a passion for promoting health and wellness. Dr. Plese continued his education by completing over 150 hours in a post-doctorate program in the field of functional neurology. Dr. Plese is an exercise enthusiast and has helped many people achieve a healthy lifestyle through dietary changes and regular exercise. We are excited that you are considering our office for care!

Dr. James Altizer

Dr. James Altizer

There is no question Dr. Altizer has become the face of stem cell and regenerative therapies in this area. He has performed thousands of injections in the past 4 years, making him by far the most experienced and well known medical doctor performing stem cell and regenerative therapies in the Carolinas. He has appeared countless times on Charlotte Today over the past 4 years, usually taking with him grateful patients who love telling their stories.

Interested in chiropractic services?

Dr. A.J. Plese is a licensed chiropractor, serving the Huntersville & Charlotte, NC area.