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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels utilize gentle acids to refine the skin and eliminate dead cells. This exfoliating process effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and reveals a brighter complexion. Individuals with concerns like acne scars, dullness, acne, age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation (including melasma) can experience remarkable results from a peel.

chemical peel
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Custom Chemical Peels

 We offer a wide variety of Chemical Peels, and our skilled Aestheticians will consult with you prior to your treatment to discuss your skin concerns and customize a Peel to your skin’s specific needs. 

We also offer lighter peels for those with more sensitive skin, so consult with your aesthetician to determine the best approach for your desired results!

Our Process:

To determine the ideal chemical peel for your needs, our aestheticians will evaluate your skin during a free consultation. They will assess your goals and downtime availability, creating a personalized treatment plan to enhance your overall appearance. At Circadian MedSpa, we understand that every patient is unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people find chemical peels painless. Those with sensitive skin might experience burning or stinging and redness during or after treatment. We have a variety of soothing measures we can take to make the process as comfortable as possible.

How long do you have? We have a range of chemical peel options that we can formulate just for you. Some are light and are doable on the lunch hour, and some are more extensive.

This varies by peel. We advise diligent sun protection post-treatment for anyone who’s received a peel, regardless of strength. Some peels might take around a week to fully recover from, but others give next-day radiant results.

This also varies by peel. For more intensive treatments, the space between them will be longer. Your aesthetician can create a regimen for you that will keep your skin bright and beautiful over time.

We can combine dermaplaning with a peel to enhance exfoliation, and we can also couple a peel with a soothing facial. We typically advise a few weeks of separation between an injectable treatment and an intensive chemical peel, just to ensure that any swelling or bruising from injectable treatments has resolved.

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