Body Skin Treatments



Optimize skin health by encouraging detoxification through mechanical lymphatic therapy. Skin will feel healthy and radiant from the inside-out. This treatment can be used for the arms, legs, abdomen and back.


Microneedling improves skin texture by stimulating collagen naturally. This treatment also reduces the appearance of acne scars, erases fine lines, and minimizes pores.

Add Ons

  • with Extracellular vesicles which help stimulate the regeneration and healing of skin
  • with PRP stimulates the collagen production and help skin tissue repair at a more rapid rate

Here at Circadian Rejuvenation, we believe in providing quality beauty and body treatments to help stimulate healthy cell growth and reduce the appearance of unwanted scars and wrinkles through advanced patented technology. Call us today to learn more about our med spa services in Charlotte, NC!