Cryoskin Treatments Near Me


Wondering why you should trust us for Cryoskin treatments? At Circadian Rejuvenation, we're known for our:
  • Affordable rates: We work hard to keep our costs low.
  • Skilled staff: Dr. Plese and staff stay up to date on all the latest fat loss procedures.
  • Welcoming atmosphere: Our staff will make sure you feel comfortable during your procedure.
Cryoskin can be used in 3 modes:


Lose inches. Cryoskin can slim your stomach, back, legs, arms and butt. During a Cryoskin slimming session, we use heating and cooling periods to perform treatment. First we use heat to bring the fat cells to the surface. Then, we use cool treatment to target the fat cells. We take measurements before & after and most people see at least inch difference in their first session.


Decrease superficial cellulite or loose skin. Toning is effective for drastically reducing the appearance of cellulite and shaping those tough areas that diet and exercise just can't reach. For Cryoskin toning sessions, only cool temperatures are used to create vasodilation in the area. Vasolidation is the dilatation of blood vessels, which results in increased collagen production and decreased appearance of cellulite. Best results are seen when this treatment is accompanied by diet and exercise.


You've spent hours in the gym, but you still can't get rid of those stubborn fat deposits around your midsection. If you need help getting rid of fat, turn to Circadian Rejuvenation. Our Cryoskin treatment allows us to target and remove specific fat deposits on your body.

Unlike dieting, Cryoskin technology freezes fat cells and causes them to die off immediately. Cryoskin is a revolutionary machine from Europe that uses heat and cold to destroy fat cells permanently. The technology is applied using a massage technique which is painless and non invasive. Call ‪(980) 220-3361‬ today to schedule a Cryoskin treatment. We serve clients from Huntersville, Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.