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Read About Dr. Plese's Transformation

Dr. Please was able to transform his physique in under 9 months by applying the same principles he preaches to his clients. After multiple abdominal surgeries and becoming septic during a month-long hospital stay, Dr. Plese had the dedication and discipline to make some drastic changes. Dr. Plese has mastered the ability to change physique’s through the use of proper nutrition and supplementation.

Read About JP's Transformation

Client, JP, at the age of 46 has had an incredible transformation in 3 months under Dr. Plese’s guidance. JP has a prototypical desk job and had become stagnant. In 2 months JP went from 24.9% bodyfat to 18.3% measured with DEXA scan. JP has continued the program and is in phase 3 and is currently sitting at 16.8% bodyfat, has lost a total of 17lbs of fat and has gained 7lbs of muscle mass. JP is locking it down for the new year with goals of being under 16% bodyfat and having abs for the first time in his life.

Read About Caroline's Transformation

Caroline a mother of 3 boy’s came to Dr. Plese and the Circadian team looking for major change. She had always been fit but had fallen off her fitness regimen and felt stuck. Within the first 10 weeks of starting the Circadian method Caroline lost 8lbs and has had a drastic change in body composition. She began the process at 20% body fat measured through DEXA scan and has her next scan scheduled hopefully showing a 3-4% drop in body fat levels. Caroline is currently transitioning from phase 1 to 2 and is eating no less than 130 carbohydrates per day and on her high days is consuming 2,300 calories and over 335 grams of carbohydrates!

Read About Adam's Transformation

Client Adam sought out the Circadian method after having several less than great experiences with other plans. Adam has competed in bodybuilding competitions in the past and aspires to get back to his competing days. Since starting with Circadian Adam has trusted the process and has clear body composition changes. Adam started the plan at 26% body fat and is scheduled for his next scan. He also has routine blood panels performed to make sure his biochemistry is functioning properly. Adam loves the scientific approach Circadian follows to get the best results in the safest manner.

Read About John's Transformation

John sought out the Circadian process after suffering from chronic injuries that immobilized him and forced him to stop his usually active lifestyle. John had been an athlete in college and had always been in great shape. Injuries set him back physically and he was lost as nothing he was doing was helping. John started the process at 290lbs and in 5 months he was down to 245lbs. John had suffered from chronic back pain, which was resolved through the Circadian method. John continues the Circadian method and has revolutionized his health utilizing the proven methods Dr. Plese and the Circadian process implements.

Read About Laurie's Transformation

My name is Laurie and I work long hours as a hairstylist and it was extremely difficult for me to find a diet plan and stick to it. I have tried dozens of other plans and nothing has ever worked for me until I was introduced to Dr. Plese and the Circadian method through one of his current clients. Every time I saw her she looked better and better so I had to know her secret and that is when I learned about the Circadian Lifestyle. I finally made the choice to start the Circadian method and I have been more than satisfied. Results came within 2 weeks, outstanding communication and guidance from the Circadian team along with encouragement and accountability from Dr. Plese really helped push me to reach my goals. I could tell that the Circadian team had my best interests in mind and wanted to see me succeed. I feel great and I have learned how to control my meal planning from here on out!

Read About Joe's Transformation

My name is Joe and I have been working with Circadian for over 30 weeks! I came to Dr. Plese and the Circadian method a skeptic, to say the least. I was supposed to follow this “plan” and magically lose weight? Well, it works. The Circadian method is straight forward, easy to follow and will get results as long as you follow the plan each week! I couldn’t believe that I was eating 2,500+ calories each day and dropping 3-5lbs each week! I went from 250+lbs at my worst to 198lbs in 14 weeks. Circadian’s current goal is to build muscle and have huge body composition changes. I’m eating tons of carbs, proteins and fats and have been able to maintain my body weight at 202-208 each week since my huge cutting phase. With the addition of the protein powder, Circadian has really made this the simplest and most effective plan I have ever tried to lose weight!

Read About Frankie's Transformation

My goal is to compete in my first ever bodybuilding competition. I had worked with one of the most “reputable” coaches in the area and it turned out to be the worst experience of my life! I was tired, miserable and scared that I was doing serious damage to my body. My coach, at that time, told me “you have to suffer to compete”! During that time I discovered Dr. Plese and the Circadian method which helped me get my hormone levels into a safe range. The Circadian method ALWAYS puts health first. From the first consult I had I knew things would be different. Before even beginning the program I had to have scheduled blood panels, monthly, just so Circadian would work with me and know I was healthy! Let me tell you, Circadian stays on top of their clients! Daily check-ins, weekly measurements and tons of encouragement day in and day out! Circadian took me from 205lbs to a lean 225 and then all the way back down to 195 in 12 weeks! Circadian knows there stuff! I can’t wait for the final product to be ready in another 12 weeks! Thank you Circadian!

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